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Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures services offered in Yakima and Richland, WA

If you’re missing most of your natural teeth or need extractions because of decay or severe damage, the experts at Apex Denture Studio in Yakima and Richland, Washington, are here for you. Experienced denturist Jason Alsbury, LD, and his team provide complete dentures to replace permanent teeth and restore your gorgeous smile. To get started, schedule an evaluation by phone or online today.

What are complete dentures?

Complete dentures replace all of your natural teeth. Apex Denture Studio provides the most comfortable complete dentures on the market. The team offers implant-retained complete dentures and traditional (removable) dentures, depending on your unique needs. They tailor each treatment to help you achieve an exceptional, sturdy, long-lasting smile. 

What are the benefits of complete dentures?

The advantages you can expect when choosing complete dentures at Apex Denture Studio include:

  • Perfect smile
  • Full set of natural-looking teeth
  • Strong, sturdy, long-lasting results
  • No more tooth gaps
  • Easier chewing
  • Clearer speech
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Less adjacent teeth shifting
  • Gorgeous teeth
  • Self-confidence
  • Improved quality of life

Apex Denture Studio offers  the flawless smile and self-confidence you deserve.

What are the different types of complete dentures?

Complete dentures are removable or fixed in place with dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of metal that your provider inserts into your jawbone. You can take removable dentures out of your mouth at any time.

Are complete dentures right for me?

Dr. Alsbury determines if you’re a candidate for complete dentures, and which type is best, after discussing your oral health history and cosmetic dental goals. He examines your gums and teeth and the results of your recent dental X-rays before tailoring a treatment plan. Dr. Alsbury lets you know if you’re a candidate for tooth extraction.

What happens when receiving complete dentures?

If you have any damaged natural teeth and need extractions, your provider numbs the treatment area and removes the affected teeth. You might choose interim dentures at an additional charge to fill in the missing gaps as your gums heal. That way, you don’t have to live without any teeth.

Dental implant placement is necessary before receiving implant-retained dentures. After a period of time, as your jawbone heals around the implants, the Apex Denture Studio team designs your new custom dentures. They create dentures by hand, not machine, for a more individualized look.

When the permanent dentures are ready, Dr. Alsbury ensures they fit correctly and explains how to properly care for them. Call the Apex Denture Studio office any time, keep your dentures clean, and avoid chewing on hard objects to reduce the risk of damage.

Schedule an evaluation at Apex Denture Studio by phone or online today to determine if complete dentures are right for you.